Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD-In-ChildrenAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common reasons children are referred to psychiatrists.

No one knows just how many children have ADHD, but estimates usually place the incidence in school- age children at around 3% to 5%. The number of cases has been increasing in recent years.

Causes of the disorder also are uncertain. A genetic component has been documented, and the possibility of the existence of a gene for ADHD has been suggested.

Common symptoms include

  • impulsiveness; inattention
  • hyperactivity and “fidgeting”
  • a persistent inability to listen
  • frequent and extended periods of distraction, especially in the classroom;
  • difficulty in concentrating.

Children with this disorder often appear to be immature and behave in a manner more appropriate of a younger child.

Treatment for ADHD usually involves an integrated approach involving pharmacologic therapy, behavior modification, counseling, and work with school personnel to optimize the child’s learning environment.

Our compounding pharmacists offer advise to help understand your treatment options.

We can formulate:

  • Suitable designed Dose Forms – the dose form of the medication used can be tailored to suite the infant or child’s requirements. We can prepare specially flavored mixtures, suspensions, troches/lozenges, popsicles, gummy gels, chewing gums, suckers/lollipops, puddings/jellos, and even forms for topical administration.
  • Tailored Dosages – the strength of each dose can be tailor made for the infant in order to minimise any side effects.
  • Palatable Flavours – a wide variety of palatable flavours such as chocolate, raspberry, vanilla and bubblegum are available to mask the taste of the medication. This helps improve compliance and makes the parents job a little easier.

We are happy to work with your doctor or specialist to formulate a medicine that is tailored to the health needs of your child.

Contact us or call us to book a free consultation with our compounding pharmacist.

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