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mouthwash bottleDentists face a number of therapeutic problems due to the limited availability of therapeutic options. We are happy to work with dentists in order to formulate products to help solve these problems and formulate a medicine specifically tailored to your needs.



We can help formulate

  • Mouthwashes – mucoadhesive mouth washes which contain multiple ingredient combinations.
  • Local Anesthetics – Our lab produces a range of peridontal anesthetic combination gels such as TAC Gel, PLT Gel and BTC Gels.
  • Lozenges –  We use muscarinic cholinergic agonists which has proven efficacy in treating the symptoms of dry mouth.
  • Transdermal Gels – which can be used to treat chronic craniomandibular pain and other disorders.

If you are a dentist and interested in having something prepared for your dental practice feel free to contact us.

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