Wart Treatments

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NOTE: At Ramadan Pharmacy our compounding specialists can compound any product that has been prescribed for you to suit your individual needs. Below is a list of the most popular products produced in our laboratory.

Upton’s Paste

Trichloroacetic Acid 10%, Salicylic Acid 60%, Glycerin 30%

Formalin Solution

Formaldehyde 2% Aqueous Solution


Podophyllum Resin 15% + Compound Benzoin Tincture qs to 100ml

Castellani’s Paint

Aqueous phenol (5%), Alcohol (95%), Boric acid, Acetone, Resorcinol

Product Description

Podafillin 5-25% is used for common warts. After application apply a dressing and wash off after 6 hours. It must be used with great care for ano-genital warts.

Trichloroacetic Acid is very caustic, wart must be surrounded be Vaseline or Band-Aid.

Castellani’s Paint is antifungal preparation at one time widely employed for topical application to superficial fungal infections of the skin. This prepartation is of value (Athlete’s Foot) and is effective against ringworm.

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